Business Credit Card

Know all the advantages we have waiting for you:

  • Definition of the autonomous credit limit per card.
  • Information on all payments made per card thus allowing the control of the expenses made.
  • Information on all operations made and made available to your Co-worker.
  • Full Insurances and Assistance package, to be used in case of occurrence of an unforeseen event

To ensure the protection of your card against fraudulent uses, kindly consult the following Main Security Rules.

Main Security Rules

On the card

  • Upon receiving information that a new card has been sent, keep in mind the indicated term and if you do not receive the card on the estimated date, immediately advise international investment bank. The new cards must be promptly signed upon reception.
  • Always keep your card in a safety place, not easy to be accessed by third parties.
  • Always keep your card in perfect conditions and avoid to place it close to metallic materials (keys) or magnetic fields (wallets containing magnets) which may damage the information recorded in the magnetic band thus making its use more difficult.
  • When your card attains its validity term, you must destroy it before throwing it away, making the magnetic band and the signature field definitively inoperable

On the secret code

  • The secret code is a personal and non-transferable code and must be memorized. Under no circumstance at all should you ever disclose your secret code (Personal Code or PIN). Immediately after receiving your secret code memorize it and destroy the information envelope of same. Should you wish to keep it, do not leave it on a visible and/or easily accessible place. You should not either write the Secret Code in the card itself, or in any other document kept with the card.
  • If you wish to change the personal code, do not use combinations of 4 numbers easily to be taken over (for instance, your birth year or your birth day and month.

On the use

  • When you dial the secret code, you must ensure that you do it under the due privacy conditions, protecting the dialling from the sight of others.
  • Never hand over your card to any other person to make withdrawals, payments or any other transactions on your behalf.
  • When you make a payment, you should never loose sight of your card and you must certify that the card is only inserted in one sole device. When you are paying, upon confirming the value and dialling the secret code, you should not allow the operation to be done once again without the terminal showing a message stating that the first attempt has been annulled or unsuccessful. Always require an evidence of the purchase.

On the Internet

  • Be prudent whilst making payments through internet. Although it is not an absolute guarantee, verify if the page contains the Webmaster or the Registered Office contact. In general, these elements mean that the page corresponds to the official company’s site. Use your card only in web sites of trustworthy commercial establishments or when the page contains a certification and uses security systems (for instance, a padlock in the bottom right corner of your screen).

Other advices

  • If you see that the machine shows something unusual or if it is vandalised, do not use it.
  • Carefully read all correspondence sent by international investment bank before destroying it, because it may contain relevant information on the account to which the card is associated or other.
  • Periodically confirm the operations of your card and if you detect operations you have not made, immediately contact the issuing entity of your card.
  • In case of theft, loss or forgery, immediately annul your card. To make notice easy, try to always have your card number and/or the account number associated to the card.