Enviroment & Energy Credit

We grant credit to those who protect Environment

This is a Medium/Long Term Financing intended to finance investments in business areas directed to environmental upgrade and energy efficiency.


  • 2 years minimum term and 10 years maximum term.
  • Financing according to the project’s commercial analysis.
Grace Period
  • Possibility of a grace period for principal up to a maximum 1 year period, for transactions of less than 5 years or up to 2 years for a term of more than 5 years.



Environment & Energy Credit allows to finance activities which contribute to the conservation and preservation of environment/nature, energy saving and promotion of renewable energies, inter alia:

  • Environmental upgrade, organic farming, ecotourism, among other activities connected with environment, promoting the use of organic resources on a sustained way and allowing the sharing of the benefits arising there from.
  • Acquisition and/or improvement of production systems and micro-cogeneration with the use of renewable energy sources (Mini Hydro, Wind Energy, Photovoltaic, Geothermal Energy, Use of Biomass, Biogas).
  • Modernisation and conversion of production processes, in view of the rational and efficient use of energy and the use of Technologies intended to the “cleaner” production, as well as waste recycling and treatment.
  • Reduction of energy consumptions through eco-efficiency, such as energy upgrade of buildings, promoting energy independence of same (sustainable buildings).
  • Vehicle fleet conversion, intended to the acquisition of low CO2 vehicles, notably with hybrid engines, aiming a more efficient and ecological management of your company’s vehicle fleet.