Medium to long term facilities

Support to cash investment and management

The Medium/Long Term Financing allows the funding of your Company’s investment projects, thus avoiding the use of the funds necessary to the current cash management and the loss of financial liquidity.

Financing of investment projects

Medium/Long Term Financing intended to the investment in expansion, modernisation and development projects of your Company and of your business.

Financing tailored according to your needs.

Financing option designed and adjusted to your Company’s needs and repayment capacity, not compromising the necessary treasury liquidity.


  • As of 1 year up to any other term through commercial analysis.
  • To be defined according to your Company’s needs and commercial analysis by the Bank.
Grace Period
  • A grace period for principal or a grace period for principal and interests can be used for a term to be contractually agreed.
Repayment Schedule
  • Predefined repayment Schedule adequate to the nature of the investment.
  • Other conditions associated to Medium / Long Term Financing, such as interest rates, guarantees, debtor obligations, associated interests, used grace period, among others, shall be defined and approved, on a case-to-case basis between the Bank and your Company.