Your Company’s current cash management

Use a credit limit to be used at all times to cover your Company’s cash fluctuations.



  • Generally, up to 1 year.
  • To be defined according to the needs of your Company and commercial analysis by the Bank. Other conditions associated to the Current Account, such as interest rate, guarantees, debtor obligations, associated interests, among others, are defined and approved on a case-to-case basis between the Bank and your Company.
Credit Limit under reuse regime
  • The Bank grants a credit limit through a credit account. This limit is made available to your Company under reuse regime for a determined period of time and by way of the payment of an also agreed remuneration.
Flexibility of use
  • Use of the credit limit and payment of the amount used at all times.
Proportionate interests
  • The interests associated to the Current Account are proportionate to the amounts used.

Associate products


Associate products
  • To satisfy your Company’s one-off cash needs or operational costs.
 Business Credit Card
  • Credit card for purchases and payments necessary to your Company’s daily operation.