Gold Card


What is it?

Gold card is a credit card issued with a chip, so that you can use it under the maximum security, convenience and confidence.

This card has associated a card-account that allows you to effect the following operations:

  • Purchases in commercial establishments with adhesion to the VISA network;
  • Credit cash withdrawal in Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and bank agencies adhering to VISA network.


Gold Card is a VISA credit card.


Gold Card can be used in more than 24 million commercial establishments and hundreds of milliard automated teller machines (ATM) all over the world.


See the General Pricing available at International Investment Bank Agencies.

Credit Limits

Plafond assigned according to the Client and by way of commercial approval.

Payment Methods

You may choose a monthly payment between 5% and 100% or multiples of 5% or a fixed value  (minimum 4% of the credit limit).