The best solution, whichever the purpose of your Mortgages

international investment bank  has for you a differenced Mortgage adjusted to your needs, followed up as you may wish.

Mortgages – General Regime

The commitment of international investment bank  is to help you to turn your dream into reality.
Whether by way of acquisition, construction or works, you may count on international investment bank.

The maximum term of your loan can be of up to 25 years and the amount of the financing can be up to 70% of the appraised value for a loan up to 25 years.



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Account (1)

Maximum Term

Purchase of a 1st home
70% 25 years
Purchase of a 1st home
70% 25 years
70% 25 years

(1) over the appraised value

Maximum age of  Proponents

  • The oldest proponent cannot be over 65 years of age up to the end of the term of the loan.



Check List

To make the contracting process of your Mortgages easy, know all the documents you shall need.

Personal Documents
  • Photocopies of identity card and tax payer card of the proponent(s);
  • Last Tax Return of the proponents and respective assessment note;
  • Tax Return of the employer, stating the employment relationship of the proponent(s);
  • Pay slips of the last 3 months;
  • Evidence of expenses of the household.
Documents of the Property
  • Certificate of the Real Estate Register;
  • Certificate of Tax Real Estate Register;
  • IUP evidence document;
  • Location map


Additionally, and depending on the relevant purpose, you should provide following documents:

  • Promise to buy and sell or letter of commitment;
  • Housing permit;
  • Budget;
  • Construction permit;
  • Approved construction project;
  • Description of the Works;
  • Descriptive document;
  • Construction permit;
  • Promise to buy and sell in case of purchase of a plot of land and construction



Step by Step

Credit Decision

  • International Investment Bank will help you to realize your dream. For purchase, construction or improvements works.
  • Know all the charges involved in a Mortgages at Bank, insurances and State level.


Use of the Loan

  • Upon execution of the public deed, in case of purchase, your account is credited for the value of the loan.
  • If you have requested an advance payment for the down payment, your account is simultaneously debited for the amortisation of such advance payment.
  • In case of a loan for construction, draw downs of principal are made available depending on the progress of the works and upon inspection by International Investment Bank. During this period of partial draw downs of the loan, you only pay the interests instalments relating to the used tranches. The maximum period to conclude the construction and to the partial draw downs is of 24 months, after which the amortisation of the loan shall start.
  • If the loan includes the financing for the purchase of the plot of land, your account is credited for the value of the loan.


Public deed of constitution of the mortgage

  • You must ask to International Investment Bank for the schedule of the public deed.
  • All parties intervening in the process are called by the Bank for the respective execution. The date of the public deed is notified to the buyers, sellers, to the Bank and to the grantors, if applicable.
  • The public deed is made for the value of the purchase and can be executed at any Notary Office.


Direct Records

  • Upon execution of the public deed, you shall made the necessary records at the Registry Office.