Board Committees

Certain responsibilities are delegated to Board Committees, which assist the Board of Directors in carrying out their functions and ensure that there is independent oversight of internal control and risk management.

The Chairman of each Board Committee reports to the Board of Directors on the matters discussed at Committee meetings.

Board Audit Committee

  • Monitors disclosure controls and procedures and the internal control environment
  • Reviews accounting policies and the contents of financial reports
  • Oversees the relationship with our external auditors
  • Considers the adequacy and scope of the external and internal audit

Board Reputation Committee

  • Considers iib’s reputational risk issues and exposures
  • Considers conduct risk and the effectiveness of the process in place to ensure fair customer outcomes
  • Oversees iib’s approach to customer and regulatory matters

Board Nominations Committee

  • Reviews composition of the Board of Directors
  • Recommends appointment of new Directors
  • Considers succession plans for Chairman and Chief Executive positions
  • Monitors corporate governance issues