Internet Banking

Convenient and quick.

IIBCVnet is international investment banks home banking service, ideal to conveniently, quickly and securely make the daily management of your accounts.

With IIBCVnet you may affect all type of consultations and operations 24 hours every day, in any place with access to Internet without having to go to a international investment bank de Cabo Verde Agency.

Free of charges and flexible.
IIBCVnet has no monthly payment and internal and interbank transfers are free of charges.
We have created, especially for Companies, the multi-company access: with only one card and the same access codes you may have access to the several different company’s accounts to which it has been authorised.


We have used the systems and Technologies based on the best secure protocols, guaranteeing the coding of the adhesion data, of the data of Access and of the available information.

Available Functionalities

  • In the homepage you have resumed information on the accounts you have defined as usable at IIBCVnet. Aggregate Position, Account Balance, Transfers same holder, recent Operations, Accounts and contracts, etc.
List of Transactions
  • View the transactions made, the transactions pending of authorisation (in case you do not sign alone) and also the templates created to be used in the future.
  • NIB/IBAN and Details of accounts;
  • Accounts Balances;
  • Operations of the accounts, last operations, per date, specific period;
  • Integrated Position with charts for a better perception of your patrimony.
  • Internal – same Holder and different Holders;
  • Domestic;
  • International;
  • List of Beneficiaries – possibility of creating lists to repeated use;
  • Limits – verify at all times the used and available limits.
Bill Payments
  • Pay your domestic bills, insurance, etc.
Bulk Payments
  • Files PS2 to transfer salaries, payments, etc. Exclusive for corporate access.
  • In the homepage you have resumed information on the accounts you have defined as usable at IIBCVnet. Aggregate Position, Account Balance, Transfers same holder, recent Operations, Accounts and contracts, etc.
  •   • Alert – create alerts for login, failed login, limits used and know at all times the use of your Internet Banking.
  • Block the transaction Password – functionality foreseen to inhibit transfers at all times
  • Open a contract term deposit and saving accounts.
  • View a contract term deposit and saving accounts.
Other Options
  • Cheques – Request and view status of the cheque book.
  • Configure Favourites – give names to your accounts for a better identification of same.
  • Mail Box – it allows you to exchange messages, requests and information with iibCV.
  • Preferences – define the language you wish to use, the time zone of your location and the menus you use more often as favourites.
You may further
  • Change the password – at all times after the login. Due to security norms, the system compulsorily obliges to change, from time to time, login and transactions passwords.
  • See the Resumé of Sessions – allows you to see the last 5 sessions, per session, the menus you have used.



What does IIBCVnet stand for?

IIBCVnet is the free access Internet Banking Service made available by international investment bank to its Clients.
This service is accessible at any time of the day and of the night from any part of the world
Using a computer with access to Internet, the Client may accede to international investment bank de Cabo Verde and make consultations and daily operations.
IIBCVnet offers convenience and an easy relationship with the Bank.


How can I apply to IIBCVnet?

To apply the Home Banking IIBCVnet service you should address to international investment bank Agency, contact Helpdesk 808 0 365 or talk to your Account Manager.


How to accede to iibCVnet?

international investment bank de Cabo Verde clients, holders of an access card to iibCVnet and of a Password can use the service. At international investment bank de Cabo Verde site homepage, simply click on iibCVnet button. In the following page, introduce your adhesion number (iibCVnet card) and your Password. For secure reasons, the password is inserted using the virtual keyboard. Please verify if the keyboard is in uppercase or lower case letters.


I have no iibCVnet codes, where can I obtain same?

You must contact international investment bank de Cabo Verde through number 808 0 365 or go to an Agency where you can complete the Adhesion agreement and the access codes shall then be attributed. As of such moment you will be in conditions to use iibCVnet.


Which are the available operations at iibCVnet?

The hereunder detailed operations are, among others, available during the first stage of development of iibCVnet:

  • Consultation of the Integrated Position
  • Consultation of NIB, IBAN, SWIFT/BIC and Operations (with the possibility to export to Excel or Pdf)
  • Consultation of Balances
  • Consultation of traded Amounts
  • Consultation of Messages sent by an to  iibCVnet  Help Desk
  • Consultation and Request of Cheques
  • Consultation of Cards
  • Consultation of Saving Accounts and Term Deposits
  • Transfers among BICV accounts
  • Domestic, internal and international transfers
  • Bulk Payments (only for corporate)
  • Pay Bills
  • View Accounts
  • Personalization of Accounts
  • Personalization of the Homepage
  • Change of PIN
  • Languages (English)
  • Printing of Evidences


Do I have to pay to accede to iibCVnet?

No. iibCVnet is another form for the Client to contact the Bank and is the result of international investment bank de Cabo Verde multichannel strategy.


Are there any limits in the iibCVnet operations?

Yes, similarity to the limits applied to other channels, such as automated teller machines – ATM’s, a limit for private clients and for company clients exists.


May I accede to iibCVnet from several computers?

Yes. To use iibCVnet, it is enough to go to international investment bank homepage at, login with the Adhesion number in the respective field and insert the password in the next page (choosing the numbers and the letters with the mouse through the virtual key board).


What is necessary to use iibCVnet?

To use iibCVnet, you need a computer with:

  • Internet browser (MS Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher; or other compatible Browsers);
  • modem, or access to a network; connection to Internet.


I do not have the browsers required versions. Where can I find them?

You may search in the net the most recent MS Internet Explorer versions.


Do I have to specially configure the Browser to use iibCVnet?

To use iibCVnet you do not need to make any change to the configuration of your browser. However, in case of difficulties of access to iibCVnet, please verify the browser configuration options




Protect your computer
  • Frequently update your operating system. If you use the Windows operative system, you may do it immediately through the site Windows update.
  • Install an antivirus with firewall in your computer and keep it always updated. In case you do not have an antivirus installed, you may make a scan to your computer in the Panda or Trend Micro sites to identify the virus that may eventually exist.
  • Install an anti-spyware programme which protects you from programmes that collect personal information without your consent. In case you do not have an anti-spyware programme, you may install it free of charge at the Microsoft site.
Cares that need to be taken in the use of electronic mail

Keep attentive to Phishing

Phishing is a type of fraudulent action resulting from the use of fraudulent emails which are, apparently, originated in the bank, but in fact they are not.

Usually, these e-mails induce the addressee to use a link to a web page where user is directed to insert or confirm sensitive and/or personal information, for instance, codes of access to Internet Banking services, to credit cards, data on bank accounts, etc.. In spite of the fact that these pages have a trustworthy appearance (logo, navigation), they are in fact not trustworthy and legitimate pages.

The major part of the legitimate undertakings will never ask such information from you via email.

  • Take care with emails asking sensitive and/or personal information. Do not click in links received by email, and do not answer to emails asking confidential data.
  • Instead of clicking in links of suspected emails, you must directly visit the wished site, writing the respective address in your Browser.
  • Never open attached files to electronic mail messages without first verify them with an updated antivirus, even if the message comes from a trustworthy source. These files very often install malware that put in question the confidentiality of your data.

Deactivate the option “Preview Panel” of your electronic mail to avoid that a message with a virus (in general in HTML) is automatically processed. If you want to maintain this option active, we advise you to define in the electronic mail the reception of all messages in text format.


Cares that need to be taken whilst navigating in the Internet

If you are in a site that asks you the insertion of sensitive information, verify if there are signs of anything suspect. For instance, verify the URL to certify if the page is really part of the site of the organisation and is not a fraudulent page in a different dominion (such as or If you are still in a page where payment means can be asked (such as information on your credit card), verify the icon of the padlock in the browser. In Firefox and Internet Explorer 6, the padlock appears at the bottom right corner, and in Internet Explorer 7 the padlock appears in the right side of the addresses bar. These signs are not infallible, but they guarantee you at least some reliability.

Use a navigator with a Phishing filter. The last versions of the most used navigators, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera include Phishing filters that may help you to avoid potential attacks.


Cares that need to be taken with offers

Take care when you receive emails talking about “inheritances”, “fabulous offers” or “prizes”. If something appears to you as being very good to be truth, probably it is. It can be a phisher who is trying to rob your personal data for malicious purposes, or an attempt to extort advance money to “free” the “inheritance” or the “prize”, which in fact does not exist.

Take care with emails or sites that offer career opportunities in companies allegedly connected to activities that involve international payments and receivables proposing to the addressee a transfer fee, usually a % of the amount transferred through your account. Usually, these emails are from collectors of intermediaries (“mules” or “figureheads”). This type of activities can be associated to illicit and criminal acts, with all consequences arising there out.


Cares that need to be taken with your data

Ensure the security of your data and the confidentiality of your transactions.

  • Keep your access data reserved. Never disclose them even to persons you trust and do not take note of them in a paper. Keep always with you the adhesion card to iibCVnet, avoiding the access to the card by third parties.
  • In case you are contacted by telephone without having asked such contact, be careful and do not transmit your data of access or any other information that may put in question your patrimony.
  • Suspect from changes in the graphic image of iibCVnet or from changes to the procedures of access to which you are accustomed. For instance, if you are requested to give more data of access than what is usual, or if the page for the insertion of the data opens a different window. In case of doubt, contact international investment bank.
  • Suspect if you find in the pages texts with grammatical errors or failures, or if the language used shows that they have been written by foreign people or by persons who do not master the language and the expressions usually used at iibCVnet.
  • Avoid to accede to BESCVnet from a public computer or from a computer shared by strangers, unless it is a iibCVnet working station at international investment bank agency.
  • Periodically change your code of access to direct channels. Define one code of access different from those you use in sites that do not require so many concerns with security. Avoid codes of access that can be easily guessed, with birth dates or telephone numbers.
  • When you insert your access data, be sure that no one is watching you and when you finish to use iibCVnet, you must end session, by clicking in the button “Sair/Close”


Monitor your accounts

Take the habit to verify the date and time of the last access (login) to iibCVnet.