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iibGroup has a rapidly expanding footprint across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and the Caribbean.

iib (Bahamas) is a licensed bank that provides treasury, transactional, trade, cash and wealth management services.
Based in Portugal, iib expects to expand its presence by allowing for connectivity to international financial markets.
  • Based in CV, iib provides commercial and transactional banking services.
  • Its focus is on the Lusophone countries within Africa.
iibGroup is headquartered in Bahrain where control, risk, HR and IT functions are centrally managed.
  • iibGroup established AfriFiber and AfriData in 2019 to build a fibre-optic network and a diversified IT park in Djibouti, following the award of licences by the government.
  • Focused on the Ethiopian-Djibouti trade corridor, we provide commercial and transactional banking services.
  • We provide IT support and wealth management services targeting the NRI and NRP markets.
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Purpose and Values

Our positioning differentiates us, sustains us and motivates us. It is what we want people to associate with when they think of us.

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A team of professionals with extensive experience in international finance.

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Middle East


+973 1711 6633

14th Floor, Jeera Tower 1,
171-172 Building 683,
Road 2811, Block 428,
Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain

East Africa


+253 2135 5006

Immeuble N°15 Rue
d’Ethiopie, Place Ménélik
BP 2032, Djibouti.

West Africa


+238 260 2626

Central Services

Avenida Cidade Lisboa,

C.P. Nº 35, 7ºPiso Praia,

Santiago, Cabo Verde.



+1 242 698 7799

Ground Floor,

#5 Pineapple House at Blake Road,

Nassau, Bahamas.

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