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Forbes África Lusófona interviews Sohail Sultan, Chairman iibGroup

Manuel Fernandes joins iib West Africa as a COO

Sustainability at iib

At iib, we proactively integrate our Sustainability goals into everything we do. Aligned with the UN SDGs, we understand that real and lasting change is brought about through collective effort.

Sohail Sultan Awarded CEO of the Year in Finance Industry by European CEO

Jornal De Negocios interviews Sohail Sultan – Chairman iibGroup

São Domingos: SOS villages with better conditions after iib social obligation

Price List

The iib Price List contains:

  • Commissions and Expenses Leaflet (which incorporates the maximum values of all commissions as well as the indicative value of the main expenses)
  • Interest Rate Leaflet (which contains information on representative interest rates)

The Price List can also be obtained from any of our Cape Verde branches.