Credit in the form of guarantees and/or sureties, is intended to guarantee to third parties the fulfilment of obligations by your company.

Contract conditions to guarantee obligations to third party

Contracts or supply contracts undertaken with the State, Local Authorities, and other Public/Private Entities, such as the execution and completion of infrastructure, services etc.

Legal, administrative or judicial impositions

Any other obligations to third parties


Guaranteed promissory note, loan contract, mortgages, pledge of term deposit, or other warranties accepted by iib


Speed in the execution of the operation

Guarantee of compliance with your company’s obligations to third parties

Lower costs

Your Bank, Your Future

O seu Banco, O seu Futuro

Investment credit

A medium to long-term loan that supports your company’s investment projects.

line of credit

A line of credit is given against a current account which can be used to finance your company’s liquidity requirements.

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