Start building good money habits from a young age. Open an account for your child and teach them how to save.

Who can apply?

0 to 18 years old

Minimum CVE 5,000

Maximum CVE 2,500,000

Open an account today

It’s quick and easy to apply


All required documentation must be completed within 45 days of opening the account


Minimum balance CVE 1,000 per month or CVE 12,000 annually


365 days, renewable for equal periods of time


Interest rates are available at any of our branches


Debit transactions are only allowed by parents or legal guardians of the minor who appear on the account opening form


Schedule automatic transfers between current and savings accounts for up to 12 months via iib online banking or through any of our branches

Early Withdrawals

Total or partial withdrawals allowed, with the respective minimum amount to be maintained.

iib current account

Easily manage your everyday finances wherever you are. iib current account makes it simple to check your balance, pay your bills and send money to friends and family.

iib super term deposit

With iib super term deposit, earn a high rate of interest and take advantage of our competitive rates.

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