Green Bond Launch

The international investment bank S.A. (iibCV), in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) & the Joint Fund, has announced the launch of the first Public Offering of Green Bonds in Cape Verde.

iibCV, in partnership with UNDP & the Joint Fund, announced today, November 24, through the Cape Verde Stock Exchange, at the Special Launch Session of the Public Offering for Subscription and Listing of the iib Green Bonds designated as “iib Renewable and Energy-Efficiency Green Bond Series E – 3.5% 2023 | 2026”.

These bonds are aimed at domestic and foreign investors and represent a bond loan from iibCV in the initial total amount of 400,000,000 CVE (four hundred million escudos).

The purpose of this public offering is to finance iib’s activities, complemented by the implementation of its sustainability and social responsibility policy, as well as a noble objective that deserves to be highlighted: there will be an additional remuneration of 0.5% per year on the total amount subscribed, destined for the Agostinho Neto University Hospital (HUAN), to finance the development of projects related to the generation of renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution reduction, water and waste management, in the area of the Green Economy.

Subscription orders can be submitted through the Blu-X trading platform ( of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange for those who have an account, or over the counter of the banks operating the exchange.

In this sense, we recognize the crucial importance of the banks operating the stock exchange, which play a fundamental role in receiving subscription orders from their clients, thus contributing to the success of this operation.


iibCV MoU & Academic Association

The international investment Bank S.A. (iibCV) and the Associação Académica da Praia (AAP) signed a protocol on, December 5, 2023.

The aim of this agreement is for the iibCV to make a financial donation to the AAP, with the aim of improving the conditions for practicing sport and enhancing the performance of its senior soccer team, which will take part in Cape Verde’s soccer competitions in the 2023/2024 season.

This joint commitment between the AAP and the iibCV represents a fundamental step towards promoting sport as a tool for social inclusion and developing opportunities for young people in situations of social vulnerability.


Internationalize to grow!

The 2nd Edition of the Business Breakfast of the international investment bank, S.A. (iibCV), organized in collaboration with the Sotavento Chamber of Commerce (CCS) and as part of the Technical Days of the XXVI Edition of the Cape Verde International Fair, which will take place in Praia from 15 to 18 November 2023, was an absolute success!

Under the theme “Trade Finance – Internationalization of Cape Verdean companies”, the event aimed to open up discussion on strategies and best practices for boosting international business, with a special focus on effective methods for mitigating trade flow risks, and was attended by several national companies, importers and exporters and other stakeholders who believe in the internationalization of the Cape Verdean economy.

Trade finance is the crucial and unavoidable answer to internationalization.

This initiative has strengthened iibCV’s position as a strategic partner for companies in the internationalization process, with a market share of 39.29% of trade finance transacted in Cape Verde.

We will continue to promote the internationalization and competitiveness of our companies, opening up new opportunities and new business relationships.

Special thanks to all those present, whose participation was vital to the success of the event.

To the guest speakers, Dr. Manuel Fernandes, specialist in Trade Finance, Dr. Marcos Rodrigues, President of the Sotavento Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Isidoro Gomes, CEO of the Cape Verde Post Office, we would like to thank them for sharing in the construction of new paths for the success of the Cape Verdean business fabric and for showing that banks must be partners with companies in the internationalization process.


iibCV’s Dual Listing – first blue bond on the Luxembourg Sustainable Stock Exchange

The international investment bank S.A (iibCV) has achieved an unprecedented feat by becoming the first African financial institution to list a sustainable asset on one of the world’s most important stock exchanges, the Luxembourg Sustainable Stock Exchange (LuxSE).

Blue Bond was listed on LuxSE on November 14, 2023, in Luxembourg, with a presentation in Praia yesterday (22/11/2023), at an event attended by the Minister of Communities of Cape Verde, Jorge Santos, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange, Miguel Monteiro, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of iibCV, Francisco Ferreira, and the illustrious presence (online) of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE).

This first Dual Listing is a historic milestone for Cape Verde, putting the country on the international map as a benchmark in promoting ocean sustainability.

This listing on LuxSE not only places iibCV as the first Cape Verdean entity to list a sustainable asset on an international stock exchange but also reinforces iibCV’s ongoing commitment to ocean sustainability and its ability to attract investors committed to environmental and social causes.

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iibCV Successfully Issues Derivative through the Cape Verde Stock Exchange

iibCV, through the Cape Verde Stock Exchange (BVC), has successfully issued a Derivative for the second time in the Cape Verde Capital Market. This Derivative, titled “CREDIT LINKED NOTES – iib PRAE – ECONOMIC RESTRUCTURING AND SUPPORT PROGRAM Series B (4% TANB) – 2023 | 2027,” with a nominal value of 5,000,000 escudos each, has reached a total amount of 145,000,000 escudos (equivalent to 1.32 million euros).

The issuance of the Credit Linked Note (CLN) primarily aims to enable economic agents to efficiently adjust their financing structure and democratize access for qualified investors, offering a superior risk-adjusted return. This milestone demonstrates the investors’ confidence in iibCV and the Cape Verdean economy, allowing investors to participate in restructuring and economic support initiatives, contributing to the sustainable development of the country. iibCV reinforces its commitment to economic growth and the capital market by providing innovative financial solutions for economic agents and qualified investors. We hope that this CLN issuance marks the beginning of many other successful initiatives that will help drive the economic development of Cape Verde.

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iibCV AND BODIVA sign memorandum of understanding

On the sidelines of iib’s participation in the IV Edition of the BODIVA Forum, iib and BODIVA signed a Memorandum of Understanding focused on the development of the Capital Market, within the scope of the development, structuring and placement of financial instruments, ensuring their suitability to the market.

They also undertake to ensure contacts between the two Institutions taking into account the mutual interests in the development of Human Capital, through the sharing of knowledge and the promotion of education and financial literacy.


Parallel to the participation in the IV Edition of the BODIVA Forum (Angolan Debt and Stock Exchange), the iib team was received by the National Bank of Angola with the aim of sharing our experience as an international investment bank in the implementation of good ESG Practices, with a focus on the issuance of Social and Blue Bonds.

Doing Business Cabo Verde Executive Brunch, an initiative of FORBES ÁFRICA LUSÓFONA

In a discussion forum focused on Doing Business in Cape Verde, held in the Angolan capital, Luanda, iib shared its contribution, focusing on distinctive components of the Cape Verdean economy, such as political and social stability, currency convertibility, the free movement of capital and the exchange peg of the Cape Verdean escudo (CVE) to the Euro, characteristics that confer unique conditions for foreign investment.

The event was attended by His Excellency. the President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Dr. José Maria Neves.

The international investment bank (“iibCV”) participated in the 8th Edition of the Cabo Verde Governance Forum – Challenges and Opportunities for Cape Verde, focusing on the challenges of implementing ESG principles, an event that was attended by the main economic agents of the market.

In this context, iib was present as a speaker at Workshop II – PERSPECTIVES ON THE MAIN CHALLENGES OF THE Cape Verdean banking system, where he shared his approach to the implementation of a transparent and collaborative governance structure, as well as the history related to the development of his Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy and his strategic positioning that puts people at the center of his strategy, considering the development of Human Capital as the differentiating factor of the activity.

As part of the participation in the IV Edition of the BODIVA Forum (Angolan Debt and Stock Exchange), the iib was received by the Ministry of Planning of Angola, represented by Mr. Secretary of State for the Economy Dr. Ivan dos Santos, with the aim of sharing our experience as an international investment bank in the implementation of good ESG Practices, with a focus on the issuance of Social and Blue Bonds.


Also within the scope of the participation in the IV Edition of the BODIVA Forum (Angolan Debt and Stock Exchange), the iib team was received by the Ministry of Finance of Angola, represented by Mr. Secretary of State for Finance and Treasury Dr. Ottoniel Lobo Carvalho dos Santos, with the aim of sharing our experience as an international investment bank in the implementation of good ESG Practices, with a focus on the issuance of Social and Blue Bonds.


The announcement of the public issuance of the Blue Bonds iib, called “iib Marine and Ocean-Based Blue Bonds”, which took place last January at the event “THE OCEAN RACE MINDELO SUMMIT”, was attended by distinguished personalities, including the Honorable Sec. General of the United Nations Eng. António Guterres, the Honourable Prime Minister of Cape Verde Dr. Ulisses Correia e Silva, the Prime Minister of Portugal Dr. António Costa, as well as the representatives of the Angolan Debt and Stock Exchanges (BODIVA) and the Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM).

Based on this announcement, the International Investment Bank (iibCV) together with the Cape Verde Stock Exchange, were invited to participate as speakers in the IV Edition of the BODIVA Forum, aiming to share experiences achieved in the development of the capital market in Cape Verde.
iibCV was represented as a speaker at the Forum – Panel Discussion II, whose theme was “The Stock Exchange Market and Sustainable Financing”, sharing our experience as an international investment bank in the implementation of good ESG Practices, with a focus on the issuance of Social and Blue Bonds.

Aligned with its Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy, iibCV, in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages in Cape Verde, launched the “Indexed Solidary Term Deposit SOS Villages” and the “iib Solidary Indexed Bond” products between October and December 2022. Upon the conclusion of the commercialization period for these products, SOS Children’s Villages received a remuneration of 3,200,000 CVE. An event took place at the National Directorate of SOS Children’s Villages in Achada São Filipe – Praia, where a symbolic check of the same amount was presented, aiming to finance the direct needs of the children and youth residing in the S. Domingos Children’s Village, specifically operational expenses. iibCV did things differently to make a difference!

Now reading at the SOS Village in São Domingos:

iibCV emerged as the winner in 5 (five) different categories during the “Bolsa Awards” event held on May 13, 2023, as part of the 25th anniversary of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange. The bank received the highest number of awards presented that night, including:

  • 2022 Issuer Award;
  • 2022 Stock Operator – Primary Market (Global);
  • 2022 Stock Operator – Primary Market (Corporate and Municipal);
  • Gold Broker Operator;
  • Innovation in the Capital Market.
The “Bolsa Awards” event aimed to recognize the key participants in the Cape Verdean capital market, highlighting those who have made significant contributions to its development, whether as issuers, stock operators, or partners. Among these, the “Gold Broker Operator” category deserves special mention. This award aimed to distinguish the operator who provided the best assistance to investors in the process of acquiring or selling securities, as well as in providing useful clarifications. The winner was decided through public voting by investors.
Being recognized by our clients and relevant market stakeholders as a significant economic agent for the development and innovation of the market, with a particular focus on the capital market, is a source of pride and motivation for us to continue striving to do more and better, bringing new investment opportunities to Cape Verde.
The iib team remains committed to driving our activities through imagination, innovation, and daring, which are our defining characteristics. Achievements are not attained by working individually, so we extend our sincere gratitude to our employees, clients, investors, and other stakeholders who have contributed to the success of each product developed, issued, and/or marketed by iibCV.

As part of the implementation of its Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy, the international investment bank (iibCV), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, today honored the top students from undergraduate programs at Cape Verdean universities. Our heartfelt congratulations to the recipients of the 5 Merit Scholarships awarded, the “iib Merit Scholarship”: Riana Sofia Lopes Monteiro, Wilkar José dos Reis da Graça, Freidy Jorge Lima Soares, Jacira Simone Sequeira Lima, Eliana Nataly Oliveira Ramos. Additionally, we extend our special congratulations to the student honored with the “iibCV Excellence” distinction, Dr. Wilian Michel Monteiro, for his academic performance throughout his undergraduate studies.

The ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE INCENTIVE PROGRAM, a partnership between the international investment bank S.A. (iibCV) and the Ministry of Education, took place today at the Trópico Hotel in Praia. It aims to recognize and reward the top students regularly enrolled in undergraduate programs in the fields of Economics and Social Sciences at Higher Education Institutions established in Cape Verde, with the goal of stimulating and promoting higher education and academic meritocracy.

iibCV held its first “Business Breakfast iib” at Hotel Trópico on June 9th. The event aimed to address the current international and national economic context, the recent history of iib, our causes and achievements, and our results, which greatly reflect the essence of our identity, the will, and the spirit of our People.

As usual, we had the participation of distinguished partners and stakeholders, whose contributions we greatly value. The event was attended by Dr. Carlos Furtado, Director of Economic and Statistical Studies at the Bank of Cape Verde, who shared insights into the international and national macroeconomic situation. Dr. Carlos Cruz, representing SOS Children’s Villages Cape Verde, gave an inspiring testimony about the outcome of the social responsibility actions carried out by iibCV in support of SOS Villages.
The event featured various moments of sharing and emotions, among which the surprise recognition of iibCV employees who have dedicated more than 10 years to this institution, which is ours. To the recipients, a heartfelt thank you for their dedication and commitment!
The year 2022 was an excellent year for iibCV, as it experienced significant balance sheet growth and achieved its best financial results without a significant increase in risk-weighted assets. At the same time, operational profitability increased significantly.
The efficiency, profitability, and solvency indicators reflect a commendably solid operational structure, which provides comfort, especially valued by all our stakeholders, given the phase of uncertainty and perceived high risk presented by the current context. 2022 marks the second consecutive year in which iibCV achieves its best performance in history, as reflected in the results and the following accomplishments.