Don’t put your dreams on hold. With iib home loan, you can choose to construct, renovate or buy the house you have always wanted.

Who can apply?

25 years or older

65 years at loan maturity

Residents or non-residents of CV


Financing of up to 80% of the valuation

Flexible and custom repayment plans

iib price list

Multi-purpose financing


You can purchase a flat, an office, a house or land.


Construct your own home to meet your personal needs.


Renovate or extend your current home or flat.


Purchase a property for investment purposes.

Use of the loan

  • In case of acquisition, your account is credited for the loan amount after signing the deed
  • If you requested a down payment, the account is simultaneously debited for the amortization of this advance
  • In the case of a construction loan, the uses of capital are made available depending on the progress of the work and after inspection by iib. During this period of partial use of the loan, the customer only pays interest payments on the tranches made available. The maximum period for completion of construction and for partial uses is 24 months, after which loan repayment begins.
  • If the loan includes financing for the purchase of land, your account is credited for the loan amount

Mortgage deed

  • Please contact iib to have the deed marked
  • The date of the deed is communicated to buyers, sellers, iib and guarantors, if any. All relevant persons must be present to grant the deed
  • The deed is made for the purchase price and can be carried out at any notary office Direct Registration
  • After carrying out the deed, the Conservatória will make the direct registrations

Use of the loan

  • Location plan
  • Listed Plants
  • Updated Matrix Certificate (6 months)
  • Updated Building Certificate (6 months)
  • In case of acquisition: Copy of the promissory purchase and sale agreement
  • In case of construction: Approved construction projects or declaration by the City Council on the feasibility of construction
  • Approved project or works permit (if required)
  • Measurements and budgets
  • Description of the improvements to be carried out
  • Declaration issued by the City Council on the feasibility of the construction, with an indication of the fundamental characteristics of the fire to be built
  • Certified copy of the Allotment Permit, if any


  • Approved project or work permits (if required)
  • Measurements and budgets
  • Description of the improvements to be carried out

ICO loan transfers

  • Updated debt statement
  • Copy of previous deed

Required documents

  • Copy of identification documents of buyers and sellers
    • For corporates: Updated Commercial Certificate for acquisition
    • Updated Head Office and Building Certificates
  • For individuals: Identity Card or National Identification Card and NIF Declaration
  • Insurance subscription/acceptance (Fire, Life and others)

Your Bank, Your Future

O seu Banco, O seu Futuro

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