iibCV and its team supporting the organization of Hospital Christmas – Cidade da Praia

iibCV supporting Cape Verdean sports, makes donation to Associação Académica da Praia.

In the context of the fight against Covid, iibCV in the donation of masks, to the Camara Municipal da Praia.

The international investment bank SA together with the Embassy of the United States of America in CV, in the creation and donation of a school library in the Escolar Infância Feliz group.

international investment bank, SA in supporting the community. In pursuit of the social responsibility policy, and with the aim of intervening in the community, the iibCV team together with the Association “Walkers without Borders” helping the population with the distribution of goods and food. iibCV supporting the communities where it operates!

iibCV in the Cantina Social project – supporting “Associação Abraçar Sal” with goods and food.

iibCV supports the Porto Mosquito School Group – Santiago Island, with the rehabilitation of bathrooms and supply of furniture.