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Dina Haikal

Director – HR

Dina has been in Operation, Administration and HR for over 25 years and worked both in London and Bahrain with extensive travel in Europe and Africa.

Her current position is Director, Administration, Compliance and Human Resources for iibGroup. Having worked at HSBC, Robeco Institutional Asset Management, TAIB Bank and iibGroup, she maintained customer relations and built a clientele of elite in the Gulf.

She has profound understanding of the Middle East, in particular the GCC, with first-hand knowledge of the various cultures and standards rooting from her background as half-British and half-Iraqi with a deep connection to the Levant. She has a proven track record in relationship management of HNWIs, facility management and asset management bundled with senior administrative skills that ensure precise and timely delivery of business activities within any set-up.

Dina is a dynamic, proactive person who thrives on working independently and meticulously and is a determined individual with a high level of commitment and enthusiasm.

Dina holds a degree in International Affairs from the Lebanese American University.

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