Manage your excess liquidity with our flexible product offering. Our tailor-made solutions can cater to your specific needs so you always stay ahead of the game.

Term Deposits

We are ready to manage your excess liquidity and offer competitive rates based on the amount, volume and tenor of your deposit(s).

Term Deposits can be opened in DJF, EUR, and USD.

The time periods of the Term Deposits range between 3 months to 2 years.


iib offers an interest-bearing current account based on the account balance above the first tranche.

Our interest rates are competitive and help to manage your financial needs.

Your excess liquidity gets remunerated without impacting your liquidity requirement.

For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager.

Your Bank, Your Future

Votre Banque, Votre Avenir

iib overdraft & short-term loan

Have access to funds to pay your suppliers or your employees while waiting for funds from your debtors.


Our comprehensive suite of payment services give you multiple options and flexibility to meet all your business needs.