Earn a high rate of interest with the iib term deposit. Take advantage of our competitive rates of interest and enjoy a secure and regular income. We offer a variety of tenors to help you with your future planning.

Who can apply?

18 years or older

Residents or non-residents of Djibouti

NIC or Passport holder (proof of identity)

Open an account with just a few clicks

Its quick and easy and you can do it right now!

Flexible tenors

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

24 Months


Minimum account is DJF 100,000

Attractive interest rate payable at maturity to your iib current or savings account

Deposit can be used as a guarantee for banking finance

Early encashment possible (interest adjustment and penalty fee will apply)

Automatic renewal with the same tenor and at the rate applicable at the time of maturity

Call us for any queries

+253 213 57700

iib current account

Easily manage your everyday finances wherever you are. iib current account makes it simple to check your balance, pay your bills and send money to friends and family.

iib savings account

iib savings account is a simple way to save and  access  your money instantly. You can open it in your name, jointly with someone or for a minor child.