At iib islamic banking, we have the insights and Shariah knowledge to offer customers a comprehensive set of services and a wide range of Shariah-compliant financial products.

Islamic banking emphasises the role of partnership in the exchange of goods and services

The fundamental principles of Islamic banking are set out in Shariah law. They revolve around the notion that return on financing (or profit) must be based on ownership and shared profit or loss. These principles form the basis of iib Islamic Banking. All products and services have been designed to ensure that they conform to Shariah principles.

Purpose and Values

Our positioning differentiates us, sustains us and motivates us. It is what we want people to associate with when they think of us.


A team of professionals with extensive experience in international finance.


At iib, we proactively integrate our Sustainability goals into everything we do. Aligned with the UN SDGs, we understand that real and lasting change is brought about through collective effort.

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