iib provides a range of trade finance solutions to support importers and exporters operating in Djibouti.

Letters of Credit (LCs)

LCs provide a financial solution to facilitate and secure the trade cycle through iib’s trade finance services. We offer various LCs including Irrevocable LC, Stand-by LC and Unconfirmed or Confirmed LC.


  • Type: Import finance used as an LC limit with short term facility accommodation.
  • Amount:  Dependent on the invoice presented
  • Purpose: as per your business line
  • Tenor: Maximum 12 months
  • Repayment terms: Number of days sight or Number of days BL/ AWB date
  • Pricing: Please contact your Relationship Manager

Bill Collection

We act as your agents for collection of all your trade transactions including imports and exports, either on documents against payment (D/P) or documents against acceptance (D/A).

  • Inward Collection for imports (documents against payment D/P or Documents against acceptance D/A)
  • Outward Collection for exports (documents against payment D/P or Documents against acceptance D/A)

Shipping Guarantee

If you require to clear goods urgently and you have not have received the Bill of Lading or Airway  Bill or other transport documents needed to clear the goods, iib can provide a Shipping Guarantee to facilitate your clearing.

Bank Guarantee

As an instrument issued by iib, we undertake to pay, on behalf of the customer, a pre-determined amount to the beneficiary amount. We offer various types of guarantees including:

Tender | Performance | Advance Payment | Retention Money

For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager.