To ensure our products comply with Shariah principles, we have a committee comprising prominent Shariah scholars.

Our Values


With Knowledge comes Innovation. We believe that any problem has a solution and this can be reached through logic and reason. Our diverse workforce generates organic creativity, leading to innovation in our product and service offerings.


Partnership means we collaborate, and with that, comes success. All our relationships are mutually beneficial, giving customers and colleagues a real sense of ownership.


We are bound to our employees, our customers and our stakeholders. We believe that with commitment comes excellence, steering us towards the best possible outcome in any scenario.

Your Bank,
Your Future

Our Tagline is the outward manifestation of our Essence and Purpose.

Our positioning differentiates us, sustains us and motivates us. It is what we want people to associate with when they think of us.

iib current account

Easily manage your everyday finances wherever you are. iib current account makes it simple to check your balance, pay your bills and send money to friends and family.

iib savings account

iib savings account is a simple way to save and access your money instantly. You can open it in your name, jointly with someone or for a minor child.